About Laura

My work has developed over 30 years, and is a reflection of my inner knowing and vocation, given language and practical framework through formal study in dance, Classical and Traditional Chinese medicine, Depth Psychology, and Jungian Analytic Psychology.  These formal studies are augmented by lay explorations into quantum and astrophysics, cell and neurobiology, and alchemy from east and west.   

Comparing these diverse traditions reveals a common underlying framework; that of the most profound archetypal patterns that structure reality.  Bringing the principles inherent in these fundamental archetypal patterns into consciousness enables us to learn more about the mystery of the way the world works.  My conviction is that applying these deep principles to how we live makes it possible to transform our lives and our world, and is the basis for the Language of Life Lecture and Seminar Series.

Jungian psychology and Chinese medicine are two traditions that fit ‘hand in glove.’  Together they provide a range of tools to work with body and psyche, and in their synthesis, a pragmatic approach towards the integrated development of psychological, spiritual, and physical healing with growth of consciousness.

My early background is as a gymnast turned dancer.  In 1988 I opened a dance studio called The Dance of Life, where I taught International style Ballroom and Latin dance.  Dubbed the ‘holistic dance teacher’ by my students, I supported my dancers to be consciously present in their bodies, with their partners, and in their dance.  The values of presence and authenticity were grounded through teaching strong dance technique, which I gained through years of intensive training with top dance professionals, most notably, Ron Montez, Victor Veyrasset and Valdas Padriezas. 

My work and focus dramatically changed after being struck by lightning in 1990.  This event recalled and amplified my early spiritual knowledge, and fundamentally changed my perception and life.  It gave rise to direct perception of energy, something I knew as a young child.   I again ‘saw’ the fabric that connects all things in life, and experienced being at One with all that is. I knew in my bones the perfection of all things.

SolarWave Frames Photography, Ravey Kierann, MA

SolarWave Frames Photography, Ravey Kierann, MA

It is significant for the whole of alchemy that…
the mysterium coniunctionis
can be expected only when
the unity of spirit,
soul and body
is made one with the
original unus mundus.
— C.G. Jung, CW 14, ¶664

The lightning experience led me into a five-year period of deep interiority and meditation. I gave up formal dance and developed a body-centered practice to share some of the insight that was made available to me by the lightning experience. I taught in group and individual formats, using movement and voice work, interpretive dance, energy exercises, group discussion and teaching in circle, developing a method called Conscious Embodiment.

There came a point when our profound group experiences called for a deeper understanding.  Thus began my journey to study the most intelligent energetic structures that I could find.  In 1996 I began with the study of ancient Chinese theory and medicine; a brilliant model of how the world came, and continually comes, into being. The study of Chinese medicine, consonant with my experience of the world post-lightning, gave me an intelligent, functional map of the human body as it exists in continuum with all that is.  I received a MA in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2001 from the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.

I earned an MA in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2007.  In 2008, I went directly to Zurich to study Jungian Analytic Psychology with the people who learned from the analysts Jung himself had trained.  I wanted the lineage and cultural basis to be part of my training, as well as the experience of working as an analyst with people from cultures worldwide.  I graduated from the International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (ISAPZurich) in 2013. 

The realm of psyche is immeasurably great and filled with living reality. At its brink lies the secret of matter and spirit.
— C. G. Jung

During and after my analytic residency I also worked as a consultant in an IMD Leadership Development Program with top executives from around the world.  The work gave me the opportunity to engage with people from many diverse cultures and religions in an intimate and in-depth way, giving me the insight into the places their personal lives met professional aspirations, challenges, and corporate dynamics.   The work focused on group dynamics, unconscious patterns in leadership and team process, and how to learn to work, relate and function in a more authentic and cohesive way.

Nine months prior to writing my diploma thesis a numinous dream gave me a profound link between all the areas of my work, giving me the means to weave together my spiritual insights and experiences, Chinese medicine, Jungian psychology, as well as my various lay studies.  The result is the Language of Life Lecture and Seminar Series.  This work is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn a new way of perceiving, living and working in the world that is based on both/and, rather than either/or.  It represents a method based on the most fundamental archetypal patterns that give rise to life, patterns that have the power to give us a more profound understanding of how life works. 

Chinese medicine gives a map of the body as it relates to nature and the cosmos.  Jungian psychology provides a map of the soul.  The Language of Life teaches about the most fundamental archetypes emanating from source, which provide a map of life in all its expressions. I am convinced that a deeper understanding of these archetypes, and their practical application, have the potential to lead us to a new level of human consciousness urgently needed in these troubled times. 

Developing a body of work based on the knowledge that came in with the archetypal force of the lightning has taken me the better part of 30 years.  Grounding it will be a continual process throughout my life.  My work now comes full circle from body-centered practice to academic training to a synthesis of both.  The early practice, called Conscious Embodiment changes subtly but significantly to Embodied Consciousness, and the name of the work, then called The Dance of Life, changes to The Language of Life.  My diploma thesis is entitled, The Universal Dance of PsycheSoma, and was my initial foray into a synthesis of these many levels and modalities of work towards a functional theory and practice.  I currently rewrite that information into book form.

I live together with my partner James and our feline companion Annabel on a beautiful parcel of land looking out to the Salish Sea and backed by protected forestland, where we have plans to build according to visions I’ve had of structures based on sacred geometry.  I practice Jungian Analytic Psychology and Alchemical Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal) privately in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in Port Townsend, Washington, and offer lectures and seminars nationally and internationally.                      

For more information call 360 385 1956 or email info@laura-lewisthayer.com, or send a message through the following link: contact Laura Lewis Thayer.