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Out of the Tao comes One, Out of One comes Two, Out of Two comes Three, Out of Three comes the Ten Thousand Things...
— Tao Te Ching

From Eternal to Temporal

The Patterns One Thru Four

In this First Journey we identify and work with the four most fundamental archetypal patterns, which puts us close to the mystery of source and the creative process.  Building relationship with these archetypes makes it easier to consciously return to them again and again and to align with their intelligence and function. We will identify these patterns and their inherent principles through the signs they leave; through their function, quality, manifestations, and numinosity of feeling.

Through lecture, meditation, movement exercise, group discussion and dance, we have fun learning from these fundamental archetypal patterns as they express themselves in body, psyche, nature and the world at large.  Existing beyond the level of differing ideologies, cultures, genders and viewpoints, insight into these archetypal patterns makes available a new basis from which to approach life that accords with the deep, archetypal patterns that are common to everything in life! 

The archetypal One forms a kind of mystical base note.  You will gain simple tools to guide you towards this mystical essence.  It is a state of being where we know wholeness.  There, the world makes sense because it is the context within which life happens.  Without this context, life may lack meaning, appear fragmented, or confusing. Above that base note is a series of archetypal phases of change that are like the melodies of life.  These archetypal patterns provide the template for life to originate, develop, come to fruition, and ultimately, return again to source through spiraling cycles of change. 


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Perceiving and approaching whatever we do in life in a way that aligns with these deep patterns makes life work better. The more we get to know each archetypal pattern “the more we participate in its life and the more we realize its eternity or timelessness.” (Jung, CW18 ¶1572)

The following four principals will guide our first journey:

Unity and Multiplicity Coexist

Unity and multiplicity, or eternal and temporal, cannot truly be separated in our lived world.  The myriad expressions of life emerge out of underlying wholeness, always maintaining a connection to it.  Any system that does not recognize the underlying wholeness as the context from which life emerges is structured according to a fragmented view and can therefore only come up with fragmented solutions. 

The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the power of all true science.
— Albert Einstein

Duality: Split Opposition or Functional Unified Dynamic?

Duality (where two opposites exist at the same time) is often misunderstood in our lives and in the world as split opposition, which leads to endless conflict, stagnation, injustice and suffering‘Opposition,’ whether in one’s inner world, intimate relationships, or between peoples, ideologies or nations, does not have to be synonymous with conflict.  What we perceive in human consciousness as split opposites is fundamentally a functional unified dynamic that births life and makes movement possible.  A simple example of how this works is the way our muscles work in coordinated opposition to enable movement. 

In The First Journey, you will learn simple practices to look through two opposite perceptual lenses, to recognize which is habitual for you, and which is less familiar, and to gain insight into the value and function of each.  You will explore those places in your life where split opposition creates problems, and practice applying these opposite perceptual lenses.  This leads to ‘Binocular Perception,' which gives rise to a both/and, rather than either/or way of seeing life, enabling comprehensive solutions and a more beautiful and peaceful world.

The Space Between

As we learn to perceive both views at the same time, a third space opens; a spiraculum aeternatitas, or ‘window to heaven.’  The Space Between carries the potential for a transformation of consciousness and the development of systems that honor Self and Other, Individual and Group.  It is a practice of consciousness that reveals human capacities far beyond what we currently practice.  It is here that we find ‘the Breath between for Harmony,’ a place between Yin and Yang where magic happens, and where the development of a new kind of world can become a reality.

Quantum physics has taken science right into the middle of historic traditions of spirituality.
— Lothar Schaefer

Substance and Emptiness

Many people are of the view either that the manifest world is an illusion, or conversely, that the substantive is real and all else is fantasy.  Each attitude represents a one-sided view, a split in consciousness.  Heaven on Earth is possible when we learn to know and honor that the two realms are exquisitely and inseparably intertwined in manifest life. Knowing the emptiness within form means seeing the eternal in all that is.  It does not make form ‘an illusion.’  Rather, life in all its forms can be recognized as expressions of the eternal, and be honored as such.  The worlds originate so that truth may come and dwell therein. --Buddha

The First Journey - From Eternal to Temporal

  • Provides simple body-centered tools for making the mystical a conscious point of reference.

  • Demonstrates that eternal and temporal co-exist in all things.

  • Teaches a way of perceiving both/and, rather than either/or.

  • Provides the means to see duality as a unified functional dynamic, rather than split opposites

  • Explains how opposition can lead to movement, rather than conflict.

  • Shows that Unity and ‘Otherness’ are two sides of the same coin.

  • Enables an experience of the ‘Space Between;’ a third space that is the pivot point between the worlds that gives rise to new solutions to age-old problems.

  • Provides working models for effectively engaging creative processes, relationship and workplace dynamics, and strategies for sustainable and just social structures.


The First Journey Class Series

From Eternal to Temporal - The Patterns One thru Four
Port Townsend, WA  
10 Thursdays, Sept 13 – Nov 15, 5:30 - 7:30 PM

$275 after Aug 1st, 2018

Location:  MADRONA MINDBODY; 310 Fort Worden Way, Port Townsend, Washington

The First Journey lecture & seminar

From Eternal to Temporal - The Patterns One thru Four

Introductory Lecture and Seminar Schedule

C. G. Jung Society of Victoria
Season Opening Event
Saturday, September 29, 2018, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The Roundhouse Farm, 1506 Burnside Rd. W

For more details and to see the poster here. To register, contact Judith Dowling at

First Journey Seminar for Psychotherapists
October 19, 2018, 10am - 6pm

Dayaalu Center, 159 Wyatt Way NE Bainbridge Island, Washington
Cost: $125

Zurich, Switzerland - Fall, 2019

Cork, Ireland - Fall, 2019

Barcelona, Spain - Fall, 2019

Guangzhou, China - 2020  

If you are interested in hosting a lecture and seminar in your area contact Laura Lewis Thayer.  360 385.1956 or