Living in the world without insight into the hidden laws of nature is like not knowing the language of the country in which one is born.
— Hazrat Inayat Kahn, Sufi mystic and scholar

The Language of Life

Lecture and Seminar Series


Have you wondered...  

  • how life emerges from the unknowable?
  • what the common language between psyche and matter is?
  • what connects scientific and religious thought?

Are you disheartened by the unremitting conflict in the world?

Come explore a template provided by life that helps you understand and respond more effectively to life's challenges!

Number is the most profound archetype accessible to consciousness, and the closest to source.  Insight into the archetypal nature of number, into its patterns, functions and meaning shows how life emerges from the unknowable, develops through rhythmic cycles of change, and returns to source.  Number reveals how life works!   "It is not what we do with number that is important, but what number does to us.”—M.L. von Franz

Through lecture, meditation, movement exercise, group discussion and dance we have fun while deeply exploring these fundamental archetypal patterns as they express themselves in body, psyche, nature and the world at large.  Number exists beyond the level of differing ideologies, cultures, genders and viewpoints.  An archetypal understanding of number provides common ground, and reveals the life principles that enable harmonious interworking of unity and individuality.

There are 10 fundamental archetypal patterns that are the basis of everything in life.  Each of these 10 archetypes has unique patterns and principles that give insight into the mystery of how life unfolds.  These primordial patterns address personal issues and worldly affairs alike, holding together physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as one complex system not to be divided.  

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The Language of Life Lecture and Seminar Series outlines the most fundamental archetypal patterns and principles that order life, and teaches a practice to perceive and be informed by these principles. In this work you will learn simple body-centered tools to recognize these 10 archetypal patterns and their principles as they express themselves throughout life, and learn to apply their principles to inner process, outer relationship, the workplace, and the social institutions that govern our lives. 


Laura Lewis Thayer brings together Jungian thought, Ancient Chinese cosmological theory, expressive dance, and other body-centered processes to help you develop a working partnership with these fundamental archetypal patterns and principles.  Engaging both theoretically and experientially, together we take a journey to gain awareness of these fundamental living entities.

The Language of Life is taught in three parts, or Journeys:

The First Journey

From Eternal to Temporal
The patterns One thru Four

The Second Journey

Growing into Life with Roots Intact
The patterns Four thru Seven

The Third Journey

Coming Full Circle; In Partnership with Heaven
The patterns Seven thru Ten

The more we get to know each archetypal phase the more we participate in its life and the more we realize its eternity or timelessness.
— C. G. Jung, CW18 ¶1572

Take the Journey!

  • Learn how physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being are one complex system not to be divided!
  • Find common ground in a language that exists beyond the level of differing ideologies, cultures, genders and viewpoints!
  • Gain simple body-centered tools to help you live in congruence with nature's most fundamental patterns and principles!
  • Explore the archetypal principles that enable harmonious interworking of unity and individuality!
  • Develop creative projects, systems and organizations that are congruent with the deep nature of life!
  • Be part of a paradigm shift in consciousness!

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